Power Tools
A set of 30+ solutions for daily tasks in Google Sheets
If bringing your spreadsheets to order in the shortest time possible is your goal, Power Tools is a must-have. It cuts the clicks on repeated tasks and enhances your Google Sheets with features that organize and unify your data: remove duplicates, compare and vlookup sheets, split and merge cells and tables, find and replace data, sum and count colored cells, manage text, and many others.
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Add-ons for Google Sheets
Single add-ons for specific daily tasks in Google Sheets
If you have to carry out a particular task daily, one of these tools will have your back: remove duplicates and compare sheets, perform an advanced search and replace records, split and merge cells with data and entire sheets, separate first and last names, lookup for multiple matches, generate random data, style tables, find and correct typos.
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Add-ons for Google Docs
Small yet helpful tools to automate your Google Docs
Give your documents a professional look using only 3 add-ons. Apply one of the additional style sets to the entire doc, change case and text size, highlight data and sort lists, navigate to any part with ease, and make all necessary changes in a matter of clicks. And guess what – all 3 tools are currently free.
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Probably the most useful add-on for Google Sheets. Does what you need. Excellent product
Hung Lee
This tool worked very well for the functions I needed. The support was amazing and helped with understanding a feature before I purchased. I think the customer service was ample reason to make a purchase! However; the time saved using the tools makes the tool valuable for me! Nicely done!
Richard Grabowski
Extremely useful and very comprehensive. My interactions with AbleBits support on the one issue I had was very positive too. Highly recommended.
A User of Power Tools
Brilliant! Does what it says with ease .... has saved me hours!
Peter Hawkes
Does what it should, without any problems - never has crashed on me ;-)
Jim Pearson
This is an excellent app. There are many uses and it's super reliable. My favorite is "Dedupe and Compare". This is the quickest way to sort out two lists and figure out who is on one but not the other, especially when the numbers are large.
Clayton Trehal
Small investent required, but absolutely worth it. Saves me so much time and helps with tons of complicated spreedsheet operations.
A User of Power Tools
The set of tools that make Google Sheets work. I hate working with spreadsheets but these tools keep me sane.
Trent Drake
If I added up the time this little add-on saves me and multiplied it by my hourly rate, It would be a very large number. Worth every penny and then some. It is kinda funny how painful some tasks are once you are aware of an easier way. HANDS DOWN, one of the most useful chrome extensions ever purchased.
Wyatt Knight
This product is a HUGE time saver! It works flawlessly every time. Being able to merge rows, split and merge columns, etc. has saved me perhaps a week of work on a project. I highly recommend this for anyone who uses Google Sheets often.
David Cosme Jr.
Why even have excel anymore
A User of Power Tools
This makes managing big data simpler than ever! Thanks team AbleBits!
Joan Narciso
Grateful for this intuitive tool! I use these features on a regular basis. Couldn't do my job without it.
Kim Backlund
This has been a game changer for manipulating data and tables. Hoping that it keeps getting developed.
Steven Powers
Excellent data preparation tool. I wrangle data almost all day every day. And the data sources are almost always a train wreck. This utility is a fantastic addition to tools like Tableau Prep. In addition, the staff are very helpful and responsive - they fixed a licensing glitch within a day.
Christopher Felker
The BEST !!
Petersen Design Studios
Great addition to power up Google Sheets
Ninos Hozaya
Extremely helpful instead of hacking together scripts for mundane tasks such as combining rows. Well made and easy to use.
Andreas Ehrlund
I couldn't do without this add on now that I have it. If you're doing a whole bunch of data and cleaning is part of the problem, you cannot do without this. More importantly, a whole bunch of text analysis that you would otherwise not put in excel because of the sheer effort, is regularly doable with Able bits.
So far, this has been a dream come true for changing text. I haven't pushed its limits in other areas, but it if you are using Sheets as a source for mail merges and form letters, this is a very useful tool.
Brian Plaster
Great add-on. Saves hours of time wrestling with obscure formulas. The split functions are great when someone sends you poorly formatted data.
Anthony Doyle

System requirements

Operating systems

  • Microsoft: Windows 7 and up
  • Mac: High Sierra 10.13 and up
  • Chrome OSTM


  • ChromeTM
  • Firefox
  • Safari (Mac only)